Made in Italy

Each wooden hanger is unique and a true masterpiece.

Our production is strictly Made in Italy.

Each piece is handmade by skilled ARMADINI COLLECTION craftsmen, who put great care and attention to every detail.


Wooden hangers and accessories by ARMADINI COLLECTION are exclusive products that characterize the new lifestyle: a journey among beaty and luxury, which encapsulates craftsmanship and elegance in perfect Italian style.

Perfect Italian style

We are proud to guarantee an uncompromised approach to quality and deliver products of exclusively Italian production. In today’s world, true beauty, functionality, durability and quality go hand in hand.

Luxury Italian wooden hangers are related to our roots and identity. ARMADINI COLLECTION wooden hangers and storage accessorizes are making daily life more harmonious.

Our story is not only about quality and production process but also talks about family, traditions and good feeling.

In ARMADINI COLLECTION are blending together elegance and family feeling like no one but Italians do.

Using with passion selected materials such as wood, leather, suede, nubuck, fabric, velvet, galvanized metal we transfer ultimate luxury to every home.

With luxury wooden hangers, leather accessories, garment bags, storage boxes and wardrobe organizers we give a shape and soul to your walk-in wardrobe.

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