A unique Mediterranean blend of a relaxed lifestyle and artistic wonders may be the reason why Italy has always been a trend-setter in food, art and fashion. A true Italian is not completely a true ‘Signore’ until he owns a bespoke suit made by hand to their exact measurements, and a good tailor will deliver a suit on a robust wooden hanger, now as 100 years ago.

Elite Hanger. Highlighting Irreproachable Taste

Hangers produced by ARMADINI COLLECTION have a caracteristic curve which mimics the shape of a human back and can be complemented with various accessories such as clips or velvet shoulders, which make them a perfect storage tool for any type of garment. Our wooden hangers will keep your garments from creasing and maintain your cloakroom in perfect order.

ARMADINI COLLECTION is in line with a new idea of sustainable luxury: pratical application enhanced with beautiful look. Furthermore, luxury without comfort and style is no longer acceptable. A wooden hanger designed by ARMADINI COLLECTION will be the key element of your wardrobe and an essential part of the interior design. The final stroke of a brush, subtle yet essential, which reveals the impeccable taste of the Maestro.

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