The best space saving tool in your organized closet

The closet is a prime example of a storage unit you can further enhance – a two- or even three-level rack is a great storage solution as it strategically employs the generous height of the closet without consuming much horizontal space. Multi-tiered closets are extremely convenient but reaching the clothes on the upper rack may be a bit problematic and it might take some time to get used to.


Several solutions are there to make the use of ceiling height closets easier.

Most manufacturers of closet solutions offer pull-down closet rods which easily bring the entire rack down into your hands. When the use of a wardrobe lift is not possible, there is another convenient tool designed to retrieve hangers from the upper tiers - a telescopic high reach hook, simple and efficient enough to place hangers on the very top level of your ceiling high closet. Reach pole can be telescopic or not and is an essential in any full-height ceiling, multi-level cloakroom.


An elegant solution could be a fixed wooden reach pole, fastened firmly and safely under every hanger, to ensure easy placing and retrieving of your garments on the top rod of your ceiling high closet.

Individual 73 cm wooden pole is a useful accessory, which makes it simple for any hanger to reach the elevated rods without the assistance of a ladder or a step stool, significantly increasing the storage capacity of your closet or a cloakroom. The reach pole has a thick handle convenient for the hand to grasp. The wooden pole is fastened to the wooden hanger with a screw, which ensures safe and reliable use and a solid structure. On the other hand, you can change your mind at any time – once the pole is dismounted, the hanger can be placed on any tier or your multiple tier closet. The wooden reach pole has the same finish, stain or varnish, as the hanger itself.

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