Tailor-made solutions

The secret of any company’s long life is the unrelenting search
of new solutions. With ARMADINI COLLECTION, new ideas are often born out of most incredible requests of our clients. And sometimes, a newly developed shape, an unusual finish or a new accessory becomes a must-have, an essential tool for the neat organization of your wardrobe.

Solution for high boots

Shoe storage made simple

Bad storage habits can take toll on your shoes. Shoes that will be off your feet for a week or more need a support to preserve their shape. Filling out the vamp will prevent leather from creasing and soles from curling up.

Obviously, the variety of shoe shapes and models is overwhelming — and the good news is that there is one solution for all of them. Our patented soft shoe-shaped inserts are designed to provide a great storage solution for your collection of favorite footwear.

Our soft shoe trees are hand crafted from oh-so soft fine suede and provided with a loop strap in genuine leather. These light-weight leather cushions can follow you on your travels: they occupy little space in your luggage and will guarantee the perfect look for your footwear, on any occasion and under any circumstance.

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