Boot hanger KYRA

A little but essential accessory for a woman’s wardrobe is a nice hanger for boots Kyra which has recently joined the family of ARMADINI COLLECTION.

Kyra boot hanger is a useful solution for the storage of ankle or knee-high boots, indispensable for an ordered closet of any woman

If winter footwear makes a significant part of your wardrobe, you can benefit immensely from a special hanger designed especially for boots.

Every woman knows how challenging it is to ensure that your knee-high boots are kept ordered and out of the way in your closet.

The boot hanger is small – only 15 cm! – and is equipped with a turn-around hook, which makes it convenient and adaptable for even small spaces. Furthermore, rather than occupying space in your wardrobe, our little boot hanger Kyra guarantees its efficient use. Your boots can be hung on a bar as your other garments are.

Knee-high boots are held safely by metal clips and hung in a closet, which prevents them from wrinkling and creasing. Kyra clips are equipped by silicon inserts, gentle enough not to leave any signs on leather bootlegs.

Kyra boot hanger was designed specifically for boots and shoes, but it can also be useful for storing belts, scarves and other items which are best kept hung.

When it comes to items made of soft flowing fabrics, Kyra can be equipped with a velvet-coated bar – a optimised solution for the storage of ties and foulards.

Kyra hanger is a simple must-have accessory for the storage of a wide range of items which include boots, shoes, belts and many others. 

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