It's time to start controlling what your footwear says about you.

Unfortunately, a life span of our favourite pair of shoes is surprisingly short. It becomes especially disappointing when a shoe is generally all right but is sad to look at. Such unpleasant surprises are very frequent after a long seasonal storage in a wardrobe. How can one extend the life of their shoes?

Top quality leathers are very delicate and require attentive care. An Italian calzolaio (shoemaker) will deliver bespoke shoes to their client with a wooden shoes tree inside – an accessory imitating the shape of a foot that is placed inside a shoe to preserve its shape. Top footwear brands also make wide use of shoetrees – shoes on display are equipped with shoetrees to preserve them in their natural shape and prevent creasing.


Determined by the size of customer feet. 

Aveliable at any size.


Shoetrees are usually made of two or three pieces of solid wood with a metal stem inserted between the heel piece and the toe piece.

The metal stem may contain an extension spring so that the shoetrees fit easily into any shoes and wedge themselves in place. The heel piece often has a handle or a knob, useful for fingers to grasp and pull out the trees from the shoes when removing them.

Advanced shoe trees have a double toe piece, which fills the shoe out both from heel to toe and side to side. It works great especially on wider shoes.

Our shoe trees are made from solid wood and can be varnished to match other finishes in your wardrobe. A special range of shoetrees is also available in Aromatic cedar, which helps control odour and absorb moisture.

When selecting a shoe tree, make sure to choose the best matching size towards the shoe, so that they guarantee the closest possible fit between shoe and tree. 

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