Storage boxes and trunks

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Once all your garments are hung neatly on Italian wooden hangers, there is just one final step before you reach the perfect order in your closet – how to arrange the storage of those items which cannot be hung on wooden hangers? Shoes, belts, scarves, knitwear and lingerie can be organized inside boxes of various sizes and designs, made to measure based on your specifications.


Storage boxes are available in several sizes:

Large Box - Height: 25см, Width: 34, Length: 50;

Medium Box - Height: 18см, Width: 34, Length: 50.

*Custom orders are available.

Even most delicate garments can be placed inside various storage boxes of different sizes and designs.

A very significant detail in a lady’s closet is a storage box for lingerie, which can be coated inside by soft touch velvet, suede, silk or nappa leather. Both ladies and gents will appreciate how simple it becomes to arrange any kind of belts inside compartments of a specially designed box, equipped with dividers.

Since closet drawers are often too large to arrange various items neatly, tray inserts with dividers can be very useful and efficient. Belts, underwear, even jewels will find their place inside special compartments, clad with soft feel Alcantara fabric or suede. Tray inserts will ensure perfect order in your drawers.

We will be glad to propose various solutions to improve the storage situation inside your closet. According to your wishes and specific parameters of your wardrobe, we will be able to design and produce boxes to measure which will fully meet your individual requirements. Each step of production takes place in Italy – that is why we can guarantee the best possible quality of our products.

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