Made in Italy wooden hangers – for stores, hotels, restaurants and offices.

ARMADINI COLLECTION is happy to participate in large scale projects such as fashion stores, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, theatres, concert halls and office buildings.

Over time and as a result of a fruitful collaboration with both private and corporate clients, we have accumulated a large pool of creative and production resources, which allow us to treat our clients’ demands with greater flexibility.

A solid wooden hanger in your office or your store can and should say a lot about your business

Large offices, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels require an individual approach even while selecting such a small yet essential accessory as a garment hanger. A smart choice of hangers is fundamental especially for fashion stores because good quality wooden hangers make your apparel look appealing to the customer. A wide range of accessories such as fold over pant bar or clips ensure a better display of garments in your retail space and help your customers browse through clothing items with greater ease.

Guests staying at your hotel will feel like a second home and appreciate Made in Italy garment hangers which will keep their clothes freshly pressed throughout their stay, which is ‘oh so important’ when travelling.

Wooden hangers bearing your logo will reinforce your branding message and become a sort of a business card which says a lot about your company. If you are a restaurant owner, a visit into your restaurant will be made remarkable by top quality service starting from the cloakroom – full contour wooden hangers will maintain your clients’ coats in order.

Wooden hangers are indispensable in any hotel or fashion store and can be produced in a number of different finishes: natural wood finish, staining, matt or glossy varnishes, leather – Italian luxury wooden hangers could be a useful storage accessory as well as a décor detail.

We use a strictly individual approach for each client, aiming at delivering the best possible result. Armadini Collection’s design department will be glad to develop new products, shapes, finishes and other exclusive solutions, transforming some most bold ideas into real products.


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