Elite wooden hangers.

With vevet shoulder, clips and pant bar ARMADINI COLLECTION wooden hangers become truly functional and convenient.

Any hanger model can be laced with stylish, practical and convenient accessories: flocked shoulders, velvet pant bar, clips for pants and shorts.

Equipped with functional accessories our high quality wooden hangers will help you to keep your wardrobe nice and clean. 

Velvet hangers will forever have a corner in hearts of our customers!

ARMADINI COLLECTION hangers can be covered with velvet partly or in full. Everybody knows that velvet hangers is very easy-to-use: cloths will not slip off or lose shape. 

We always give ear to our clients' desires! Convenient variant of clothes storing is highly ranked by a lot of our clients!

Reputation and reliability are the most valuable products on the market!

Speaking responsibly - our clips are the most quality!

Cast metal covered with galvanics in combination with high quality silicone and perfect ratio of size and weight are the result of longstanding development of ARMADINI COLLECTION.

In ARMADINI COLLECTION we do not cut corners. Our clips are made in Italy from the best materials. 

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