Without false modesty - our clips are the best on the market!

Our clips' unique design is developed by the designers and technologists of ARMADINI COLLECTION. 

All the formation is produced exclusively in Italy from European materials! We don't save on quality and design because we believe in honest long-term relationships with our clients.

Clips for skirts and pants, made of cast metal, equipped with soft solid silicone pads without notches, do not leave marks on delicate fabrics and smoothly move the size of the clothes.

Top quality accessories for exceptional customers!

Hanger with clips by ARMADINI COLLECTION is a perfect union of functionality and aesthetics!

Wooden hanger with clips lets you store together pants and suit coat, jacket and skirt.

Obvious closet space economy and functional convenience. No need to search a bottom of your suite - it is already on a hanger!

Don't worry about the traces from clips on your clothes after an extended storage. Silicone insets don’t have notches in areas of contact with your clothes and won’t leave unsightly stripes on your clothes. The clips themselves are strong enough to hold clothes and are suitable for storing pants and skirts of any weight (even heavy skirts decorated with crystals and sequins).

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