Cut Notches

Women's closet is perhaps the most capricious! Delicate silk textiles, lace, thin and transparent silk georgette, weightless weaving of cashmere thread, a variety of nets and ribbons - often in themselves are pieces of art and deserve proper storage.

Hangers for women's closets have all sorts of accessories, one of them is cut notches. 

A small but necessary pit that securely fixes shoulder strap. 

Delicate tops, bodies, peignoirs will find their place on hangers with notches.

The most elegant tops and dresses with thin shoulder straps will not slip due to the wide hanger’s notches.

Cut notches are especially indispensable for storing summer and delicate women’s clothing.

The combination of cut notches and velvet we consider to be the best solution for women’s wardrobe.

Such a practical combination makes female hanger as versatile as possible.

Cut notches and velvet shoulder is maximum functionality combined with aesthetics of form. 

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