Velvet Pant Bar

Ideal storage of men’s trouser suite is a massive anatomic hanger with a pant bar

Here at ARMADINI COLLECTION we went forward and transformed wooden pant bar into exclusive accessory!

Elegant scrids from cast metal make the velvet bar literally float in the air giving its owner comfort in use because of the optimal spacing between suit and pants. 

Smooth velvet carefully fixes pants so pant arrows will stay perfect!

You will no longer face the dilemma of quality and beauty versus functionality and comfort while choosing a classic wooden hanger for men's suite storage. Perfect combination in one single product. 

Shoulders with velvet pant bar – the best choice for suite storage!

The most convenient way for storing men's and women's pant suites is a hanger with a pant bar. 

Every hanger from ARMADINI COLLECTION can be equipped with such a bar. 

Hangers with round bar will be perfect for classic pants with arrows.

Soft bar does not mask ironed trousers. 

This option will also be perfect for three-piece suite. 

And for those who don't have much space left in their wardrobe we recommend looking at our compact option - slat hanger with velvet bar. 

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