Velvet Hangers

The problem of slipping off will be forever resolved through the use of velvet coating on hanger's shoulder.

Velvet shoulder is a dream of every lady, whose wardrobe is filled by expensive silk clothing. 

Our velvet hangers fixe your clothes reliably and you can forget about silk clothes falling on the floor once and for ever.

For ARMADINI COLLECTION there are no compromises in quality: even for velvet covering we use only first-class materials. Our flock is made exclusively in Europe, viscose prevails in its composition, due to which the sensation of softness is created. Elegant gloss without glass overflow is also the merit of viscose in the composition of our velvet.

Even the most delicate clothes will be under the close supervision and control.

For our hangers here at ARMADINI COLLECTION we choose premium materials, because we believe in straightforward approach in luxury accessories manufacturing. 

Our premium velvet is soft and delicate with elegant shine. This refers to jewellery flock which we use for covering our hangers with velvet. 

Visual aspect is as important as tactile. Our masters perfectly match the colour of velvet and hanger (even if it concerns non-standard and complicated RAL/NCS/PANTONE colours).

In Gallery and on our Instagram page photos of realized projects are available, you can see the professionalism of our team!

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