Natural Leather and Suede

Inspired by splendid leather-clad interiors of yachts and jets, we have created the “Yacht” collection. Just one touch will leave you speechless – a perfect shape of a wooden hanger comes with a perfect leather cladding. The elegance of handcrafted Italian leather hangers speaks of quality and its chic.

Leather that we use for our hangers has a soft hand and a warm feel. The highest quality of leather adds to the value this deluxe accessory. Furthermore, real leather has this natural grip which ensures that even the most flowing clothes stay on the soft leather shoulders without sliding off to the ground.

Suits, coats and jackets require more attention when it comes to their storage

The use of improper hangers can result in dimpling and collapsing shoulders. Wide-molded hangers provide an additional support for the upper part of your garments preventing warping and wrinkling.

Leather hangers will satisfy the refined taste of modern dandies who come to appreciate unique sophisticated details even in their everyday life. Leather hangers reveal a lot about the ambition of their owner.

Leather hangers can be also equipped with various accessories and personalized with your initials or logo.

Best Italian artisan traditions and a true concept "Made in Italy".

Yacht" collection stands out among our other collections - it is a celebration of the best Italian traditions and real pride of "Made in Italy".

Leather hanger reflects our idea of exclusivity, which unites functional advantages and top quality of manufacture.

Leather hangers can be a business card for your company or an exquisite corporate gift.

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