Noble custom of wearing clothes with its owner’s initials is coming back into fashion. 

Every hanger in your wardrobe can become truly yours if a special designed monogram, emblem, your initials or company logo will be put on it. 

You can choose from different application options: laser engraving, stamp printing, installation of metal nameplate. 

Recently, we began to use embossed metal film for hanger personalization. Logo looks truly beautiful and impressing when metal shimmers and shows depth due to the embossed surface. 

It is also possible to personalize the hanger by putting logo, emblem or initials with hot stamping technique. If you want to add a bit of shininess to the initials, they can be painted with golden or silver paint.

Personalized items will speak of their own belonging.

Branded hangers for shops and boutiques can be made in a variety of finishes: natural wood, staining and lacquering, leather and even gold leaf - our hangers can be not only a functional accessory, but a beautiful addition to the interior and the overall brand concept. 

In every new project we use individual approach aimed at achieving the best results with mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. Armadini Collection design-bureau will modify the logo and find exclusive solutions for transforming the most ambitious project into life. 

Step-by-step coordination is a guarantee of perfect realization. We visualize your logo before putting it on the hanger and agree with you the scale and positioning.

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