Solution for every interior

Hanger is not only a practical tool, it can also be an interesting accessory for your interior design. Even such a simple item as a hanger can be transformed into true piece of art by Italian fashion and ingenuity. Our Italian hangers can be made in various finishes such as velvet, stain, lacquer and leather. You can improve hanger functionality by adding accessories – velvet bars, clips, cut notches, velvet hangers, reach pole for multi-tier wardrobe.

Choose the right finish for highlighting your interior design idea

Furnishing your wardrobe with classic stained beech, soft chocolate American walnut or noble dark brown wenge will perfectly complement classic interior designs. Combined with gold metallic parts black or white glossy lacquer will look perfect on figured shape of a hanger.

Wide range of hanger colors and finishes

We recommend to check out our gallery where we put numerous photo examples of hanger finishing – from basic natural stain to the most luxury and chic leather finishes. Carefully selected hanger finish and metal fitting will have a huge effect of how your wardrobe looks and feels.

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