For classical  interiors and for those who likes trim luxury in all of its aspects, we offer hangers with glossy lacquering, which can be finished with golden, bronze or chrome-plated metal accessories.

We are also proud to offer you a real piece of art - the deluxe wooden hanger, hand painted with real leaf-gold or special paint interpresed with silver.

Such an accessory will immediately show the status of its owner and will delight the eye with its festive shine.


There are several types of glossy lacquering, but for ARMADINI COLLECTION hangers we use complex high-quality modern compositions and multi-level process of lacquering. 

Sometimes our client asks us about production time - with glossy lacquering it will take at least 10 weeks, because firstly hangers are primered, then coloured and after that lacquered twice for extra shine. Our lacquering can be compared with piano lacquer – in terms of quality and shine, it is as good as an elite musical instrument. When there is no limit to perfection and the shine is pleasing to the eye!

It is important to remember - lacquer is a delicate finish!

Certainly, a beautiful and aristocratic shine our wooden hangers get after many coats of lacquering.

Special effect is created by the contrast of glossy lacquer and soft silky velour. It is functionally needed here, because the surface of the hanger is not only super smooth, but also slippery. 

Family crests and initials look even more festive on glossy lacquered shoulders. We can print your monogram with golden or silver paint or create special relief metallic inscription.

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