Obviously waxing is the most universal finish.

ARMADINI COLLECTION suggests simple and at the same time elegant finish – transparent waxing.

The natural pattern and shade of the wood goes with almost any interior bringing a touch of freshness and coziness to it. 

What is good about a wooden clothes hanger?

- Wood, unlike other materials that are used to manufacture hangers, is a natural and environmentally friendly material. It does not emit any harmful substances into the environment, and after it has served its time, it is completely recycled.

- Plastic hangers quickly lose their original appearance. Plastic develops surface and deep scratches that make hangers unkempt and unattractive in appearance. High-quality wood used by ARMADINI COLLECTION is much more durable in that respect.

- Compared with plastic, wood has a fibrous structure. That is why clothes do not slip and do not warp on a wooden hanger. Thanks to this, the appearance of suits and dresses is preserved for a long time.

Concept of a wooden hanger

Wooden hangers by ARMADINI COLLECTION are made of durable wood. Even under the weight of heavy outerwear (as a fur coat) hangers do not sag and maintain their ideal anatomic shape. Due to this, clothes are not subject to deformation.

The appearance of wood is not as monotonous as it seems at first. You can choose from the variety of finishes and colours. Moreover, ARMADINI COLLECTION offers leather cladding or real gold or silver foil decor.

ARMADINI COLLECTION`s hangers will not only help you to store clothes perfectly, but also tell about your impeccable taste.

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