Once the size and the model of hanger are determined, feel free to choose any of a wide selection of finishes for the wood and the metal parts. Inspired by naturalness of the wood, ARMADINI COLLECTION suggests the most simple and elegant finish – transparent waxing. The waxing is performed by hand, using only natural bee wax.


A warm natural hue along with a silky touch the wax yields brings in a breath of nature into your home. Waxed beech wood hangers match well any interior, both modern and classical.

A more exquisite and traditional effect will be yielded by staining to darker shades. Dark brown wenge’ finish or red brown American walnut finish will let the wood veining see through, thus maintaining its natural charm.


A non-transparent opaque varnish is widely used in ultra-modern and sharp cloakroom interiors. Glossy white or black hangers coupled with golden, bronze or chrome metal parts will complement neoclassical or Baroque décor. A patented Soft-touch finish is a new addition to a wide range of the finishes Armadini Collection offers.

The Casual collection of finishes unites the most beautiful and versatile finishes which open a frontier for experimenting with new ideas for interior design.

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