Classically beautiful natural wooden hangers will never be out of fashion.

Beech wood hangers from ARMADINI COLLECTION are beyond time and beyond judgment: these hangers provide a modern expression of a classical inspiration. Beech wood hangers have simple and versatile finishes, from classic to contemporary.  Its traditional design with a touch of contemporary can be given even more value by an appropriately selected finish, such as basic waxing or sleek lacquer.

A comprehensive range of sizes and a tailored shape of beech wood hangers will be a guarantee of neat and ordered wardrobe of each and every family member.


The natural pattern and texture of solid beech wood, accentuated by the rounded shape of the hanger, will be a perfect complement to any interior design.

For a more sophisticated feel, you might choose more refined wenge or American walnut finishes. Wooden hangers also come in basic black and white paint, which can add a sleek feel to your closet.



Beech wood is the most modern among the classics and most classic among the moderns.

The attention paid to selected materials and the search for balance and proportions characterized ARMADINI COLLECTION beech wood hangers. We are driven with creative passion even in wood selection.

Our beech wood is European top-quality material. Beechwood is famous for its durability and lasting properties. ARMADINI COLLECTION beechwood hangers will serve you for years.

Armadini Collection is in line with a new idea of sustainable luxury: pratical application enhanced with beautiful look. Wooden hangers designed and manufactured by ARMADINI COLLECTION have a round back shape, which is especially significant for bespoke jackets and coats, especially if kept in a wardrobe for a long time.

Beauty created by nature will never fade.

Our traditional hangers are made of beech wood because of its hardness and beautiful wood grain, which gives a gorgeous look to your closet. 

ARMADINI COLLECTION hangers made from solid beech wood has a characteristic curve which mimics the shape of a human back and prevents the garments from wrinkles. A solid contour of ARMADINI COLLECTION’s wooden hanger provides a necessary shoulder support and preserves the tailor-made shape of your favorite clothes.

Every piece  is manufactured according to highest standards of woodworking and matches Italian quality and design.

A carefully selected wooden hanger will maintain the order in your closet and will become an essential part of the interior design. 

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