Exotic essences

When a wooden hanger become a real piece of art in your dressing room!

ARMADINI COLLECTION handmade culture is once again perceived in Zebrano wood hangers.

Refined essence and carefully chosen materials bring the wooden hangers to new heights.

Handmade culture is expressed through the attention to details and raw materials.

The result is a hanger characterized by a daring beauty and established quality.


Zebrano wood hangers, made by our Italian craftsmen, create an appealing look and exceptionally beautiful touch to the overall design of your dressing room.

Zabrano wood has conquered design and fashion world!  We love this unique precious wood and use it for the most exquisite tastes This spectacular-looking wood combines light and dark zebra-like stripes and fits perfectly for an alluring pair of ARMADINI COLLECTION hangers.

Entirely handmade wooden hangers in top quality zebrano wood will be a refined touch to your interior.

Highest quality handmade in Italy zebrano wood hangers will be a refined touch to your interior.

This collection is dedicated to precious hardwoods, the ultimate step in hanger indulgence.

Hangers made of solid zebrano wood have a warm and noble feel, and their tailored shape enhances the natural texture of real wood essences. Zebrano wood hangers bring rhythm and geometric pattern to every dressing room.


You might want to complement the hanger with accessories, such as clips or a trouser bar, and engrave your initials – here we go, you are holding in your hands a unique product, made exclusively to suit your needs.

Every detail adds value, each element spread elegance and modern design. Zebrano wood hangers tell you about ARMADINI COLLECTION lifestyle: elegant and unique.

Zebrano one-piece hanger is one of the most attractive models of ARMADINI COLLECTION family. With its modern style zebrano wood brings noble and impressive atmosphere to the private interior.

We highly recommend to combine these precious wooden hangers with high quality leather or exclusively soft suede pant bar to offer more comfort together with a modern design.

Zebrano wood is so eye catching that we suggest to cover shoulders only with anti-slip silicon not to cover the beauty of essence and wood texture.

ARMADINI COLLECTION presents its new luxury hangers and combines several approaches – artisan and innovative, classical and modern. Luxury wooden hangers from ARMADINI COLLECTION have always dual personality: materials and design.

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