American Walnut

American walnut is highly valued for its inimitable structure and elegant color, which can change its shade depending on the climate invironment. 

Its soft shade gives coziness and creates specal atmosphere of luxury. American walnut is used for decorating high-end wardrobes. Hangers from this solid wood will perfectly fit unique modern or classical interior.

American walnut is also known as a very solid wood with minimal cracking ability.

Interior designers all over the world preaches up American walnut for seasons. And we join them in it!

Precious and modern, solid and textured - that is all about American walnut. 

Just imagine how the fiber pattern is revealed in the complex form of a hanger!

Look at the foto, or better yet imagine this unique hanger masterpiece in your wardrobe. 

Armadini Hanger from American walnut is a modern interpretation of high-quality interiors. 

Exclusive American walnut hangers are custom made and regarded as a true luxury!

Most respectable Italian furniture manufacturers have revealed the value of American walnut wood long ago

This wood perfectly matches with natural leather and brass finishes and creates soft effect of a timeless interior. 

ARMADINI COLLECTION hangers from American walnut will be the final luxury touch of your closet and will transmit to its owner the warmth of natural wood. 

High-quality hangers will continue the main concept of your bespoke interior. 

Our Italian craftsmen work with valuable wood species for several generations and know every single details of creating the hanger masterpiece for your wardrobe.

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