Wooden hangers for kids

A new arrival in the family of ARMADINI COLLECTION hangers: cute hangers for children from 0 to 16 years of age. One can hardly believe it – but now your kid’s closet can be perfectly ordered! Wooden hangers for babies, toddlers and juniors are enhanced by useful storage accessories such as velvet coating for shoulders, clips for skirts and dresses or a velvet bar for trousers.


Our children get bigger and so do their clothes: our smallest baby hangers are only 22 cm and can be a charming gift for a new mom. On the other end of our size range there are 26 cm and 30 cm hangers suitable for juniors.

A wide range of finishes makes the wardrobe of your kid look neat and precise. Here you can buy children’s hangers colored in any possible shade – it can be versatile bee waxing or traditional children’s colors such as pink, blue, pearl white. A color matching wardrobe finishes might be an appropriate choice for teenagers: American walnut or wenge’ paint, black or white varnish.

Let us not underestimate the significance of play to our children – it is through playing that our children get to know the world.

On this note, not only could wooden hangers be a useful object of our everyday life but they can also become a true toy, thanks to a hand-made decoration representing a cat, a mouse, a horse, a heart or your kid’s favorite cartoon heroes.

These sweet and playful accessories will help the dressing and undressing experience turn into a funny game.

Children’s hangers can also be decorated by laser engraving or pad print with their name, initials, name of the villa or any other – just the same way the adult hangers can be.

The wardrobe of your kid can look just as cool as your own.

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