A classic piece made modern.

A custom-tailored suit is much like a piece of art that need to be supported with quality wooden hanger. We create luxury wooden hangers of supreme quality with best fit. No compromise between fit and design. With wooden hangers from ARMADINI COLLECTION you will get both.

Our passion is protecting your stile.

What really matters is how your clothes fit. Luxury wooden hangers for men help to protect your suits and shirts to look perfect after long stay in the wardrobe. The shoulder of your jacket, the sleeve of your shirt, the hem of your pants will be in safe while stored on quality wooden hanger by ARMADINI COLLECTION.

Every inch is a custom-made experience.

For perfect and easy look, we highly recommend to use our wooden suit hanger. Suit hanger is protecting your suits from stretched collars and droopy shoulders. Our suit hanger provides super support and extend your suits life. We studied all sizes and proportions. We are ready to offer you best wooden hanger with functional pant bar or clips.

Using the correct type of hanger for each respective item is important!


Concept of elegance into a functional wooden hanger.

Our wooden hangers are ideal for keeping coats and important garments in shape. But also shirts and polo need to be in perfect form, for these reason we created well balanced and functional wooden hangers for shirts and polo.

If you want your shirts to stay nice and wrinkle-free in the closet just use wooden hanger for shirts of proper size.

Male wooden hangers with velvet shoulders are good for soft-knit fabrics.

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