All hangers are not created equal.

Use the right wooden hanger, and you won't need to worry about those shoulder bumps on your more delicate items.

Use quality wooden hanger and hang your clothes right.

 — Chose the right size of the hanger because to hang a shirt be sure the seams along the shoulders line up evenly with the edge of the hanger.

 — To prevent crowding, snagging and wrinkling leave a space between garments.

 — Never use wire hanger as they leave a piercing effect on your shirts. We have shirt hangers to save your clothes.

 — Just like t-shirts, sweaters can be damaged by hangers that’s why we recommend special wooden hangers for knit items. Velvet shoulders will protect sweaters and knit items during storage.

Always hang your suit coats and blazers on wooden hanger with wide shoulders.

The point is to maintain masculine shape of your suit, blazer or coat.

It’s a good idea to invest in hangers that bend forward to help your suits to look perfect all the time.

Thick wooden hangers (3 cm shoulder width) are a good all-around choice for shirts, jackets, coats and pants.

Suits and jackets with a lot of structure hang best on a contoured suit hanger with 6 cm shoulder width. 

For delicate fabrics, use padded hangers or wooden hangers with velvet shoulders.

For pants we offer pant hangers with velvet pant bar – the right and safe way to store classical pants.

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