Intelligent simplicity – right hangers size solves all storage problems.

Exactly the right size hangers bring to new heights your storage facilities.

It’s easy to find your ideal wooden hangers with ARMADINI COLLECTION variety of sizes: for ladies we offer several sizes that correspond to your clothes size (from 38 till 42 cm.) and also available wooden hangers for different garments. Thin hangers with velvet shoulders are perfect for silk items, for evening dresses, knit wear and delicate cloth. For cotton blouse and casual clothes are good simple and essential hangers. Jackets and coats store on wide shoulder wooden hanger. For suits with pants – use hangers with velvet pant bar, for skirts and shorts try our high-quality clips.

Culture of “well-done” and passion for wardrobe organization.

Armadini Collection offers a variety of finishes, types and material combinations. Luxury wooden hangers give added value to any ambience. Italian hangers bring a new luxury to walk-in closet with its unity in shape and finishes.

A refined wooden soul reveals every lady’s hanger, expressed in all its natural texture.


Exclusive hangers vary in size and width, but the profile remains visually the same, that gives more space and order to your closet.

Felted hangers are one love of our clients. Ladies appreciate the functionality and softness of the felted wooden hangers.  We cover with soft velvet any wooden hanger.

Clips are another love! ARMADINI COLLECTION`s clips are fully made in Italy and you feel the difference.


Wooden hangers give the right support to every garment, fit easily to any wardrobe design.

Now it’s easy to choose sizes and finishes of each hanger!

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