Inspired by the idea of creating special wooden hangers for women.

No more storage disappointments!


Purity design and functionality are in the design DNA of ARMADINI COLLECTION wooden hangers.

The sophisticated silhouette of the women hangers reveals personality of its owner – the real lady who cares about everyday comfort and excellent look.


Curved structure made of solid wood and combination of finishes and metal parts can be as endless as you fantasy. Closet design become more detailed with Italian wooden hangers and garment accessories. Functional details like velvet coating, shoulders cut notches, velvet pant bars and clips brilliantly combine ergonomics and elegance of Italian hangers.

Hangers made with a strong aesthetic sense.

Our luxury wooden hangers are created for women to help organize user-friendly wardrobe.

Effortless elegance enters in your walk-in closet with luxury wooden hangers of different types for every garment.

We offer wide shoulders lady hangers for jackets and coats, thin wooden hangers for tops and dresses, wooden hangers with velvet shoulders for knit or silk items, hangers with cut notches are ideal for underwear. Hangers with clips made for skirts or shorts. Hangers with pant bar are good to store not only classical trousers but also casual ones. Clips and pant bars could be installed to any type of lady’s wooden hangers.


Women hangers present evolution in closet design, every curve of our wooden hangers has been engineered and optimized to support your clothes and create elegance in every home and public area.

Simple in appearance though highly sophisticated.

Wooden hanger for women produced with more care and feeling.

We bring harmony to every walk-in closet or wardrobe adding structure lines, order and unity of design.

You buy not only wooden hangers but philosophy, functionality and intelligent simplicity.

We have women’s size chart; you will buy the wooden hanger that fits to you. We do not sell hanger kits; you buy the quantity and models needed. That’s we call personal approach!


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