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Italians are renowned for their talent to combine everyday comfort with a twist of style. Even a humble wooden hanger could bring you the best of Italian traditions both in fashion and in home decor. The right choice of a hanger to use in your wardrobe or cloakroom can help you manage your everyday life. Hangers by ARMADINI COLLECTION will keep your closet neat and become an integral part of the design of your home.

We have been collaborating with a number of world famous fashion brands for some time now.

Working in haute couture is a non-stop challenge – despite our expertise built over years, every new project pushes the boundaries of our creative research leading us to new and fresh solutions in a pursuit to exceed ever-demanding expectation of fashion designers. A unique experience in fashion has taught us flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking in every single aspect of our work.


Our mission is to share with you the achievements made for fashion, with a scope to improve storage solutions in your cloakroom, while – in the purely Italian way – enhancing its design.

We are proud to offer our customers only and exclusively Made in Italy products, of the top quality.

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