Oak is a unique hardwood which has a great natural  power. Solid oak has a noble natural shade, and the surface with a unique structure that will not leave anyone indifferent.


 • Oak is one of the hardest types of wood.  That is why oak products will serve you for many years. 

 • Oak is famous for its longevity, it perfectly tolerates temperature changes, which means it will serve perfectly in conditions of any humidity. 

 • Due to its plasticity, it is subjected to various decorative processing methods.  You can choose from a variety of waxed, stained or painted oak wood hangers.

 • Oak is the most suitable wood for brushing - when the top layer of wood is mechanically removed, thereby revealing and enhancing the natural pattern of solid oak

ARMADINI COLLECTION has produced thousands of solid oak hangers.

This is one of our favorite woods.

Solid oak hangers are distinguished by the brutal structure of the wood grain.  But at the same time they are giving a special charm and softness to a modern interior, where stone, brass, copper, satin-finished steel, concrete and wood predominate.

Oak acquires special beauty after brushing, when its fibers are mechanically opened and its structure becomes deeper.

Brushed oak hangers are chic in modern aesthetics!


Italian interiors are becoming more and more refined every year, this also applies to dressing rooms.  Wooden hangers for dressing rooms should be on the same level, so ARMADINI COLLECTION continuously looking for new ways of post-processing wood.

We love to cover the solid oak with wax - this is considered the most eco-friendly type of covering, the oak acquires a honey tint and velvety. 

Patina looks great on oak, making the hanger less industrial and more rustic.  If patina contains shimmering particles of gold or silver, oak will be in perfect harmony with the luxury of palace interiors.

We adore noble and complex solid oak.

Oak hangers are often in stock in our warehouse in Italy!  We are ready to ship your order promptly or produce desired hangers in the shortest possible time!

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