ARMADINI COLLECTION knows very well that everyone of us is unique and thus their clothing and home decor reflect and enhance their uniqueness. Based on various available finishes, we offer a range of collections from which to choose — something to suit every taste and lifestyle.

Our collections are designed to become a selection of basic solutions both for homes and public areas — essential hangers in solid beechwood, painted or waxed.

You will be amazed by rich and noble shine of hangers painted with golden or silver paint. This rich finish applied on a wooden hanger by skillful hands of Italian painters take us back to the times when Barocco and Neoclassic styles reigned in home decor.

You might want to complement the hanger with accessories, such as clips or a trouser bar, and engrave your initials – here we go, you are holding in your hands a unique product, made exclusively to suit your needs.

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